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    Humphrey Feng

    Hi! My name is Feng Guanlin, you can also call me Humphrey. I am the Vice President for Publication of ISD Team 2017. It is a great honor serving all international students! Currently, I am doing a flexible double degree of International Relations and Finance and I am in my second year now. Originally I am from China and I have studied in Singapore for secondary and high school from 2011 to 2015. To me, ISD is the best place for me to connect international students to the local community. Publication team will do our best to promote ISD events for all of you. Go ISD!

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    Anson Wong

    I am Anson Wong, the Executive Vice-President for ISD 2017. As one of the main bodies of ANUSA, ISD is always putting internatioal students' affairs at the first place. Corporation with the executives will be my main duty, as well as assisting the President and carrying the role of speak-person for  ISD. I believe we will perform out our commitment this year. While all your participation and support is essential for us.

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    Winson Widarto

    Hi everyone! My name is Winson Widarto and you can call me Winson! Im a second year international student from Hong Kong, currently doing my Bachelor of Commerce at the ANU. Random fact about me, I believe a bowl of muslies with milk is always a good way to start my day! As a president of ANU International Student’s Department, it is my duty to serve as the bridge between the university and international students to ensure that voices of international students are heard. In the year of 2017, My team and I hope to facilitate smoother transitions for international students as they embark on a new chapter of their lives here in ANU.

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    Andrea Bedon

    My name is Andrea. I am in my 4th semester of my Engineering degree. I am from Ecuador South America. As the secretary for the ISD team 2017 I want to improve the flow of information within and outside the department. Thus, we can provide a better experience to international and domestic students on campus. Fun facts about me: I am a vegetarian and I love Coldplay. Looking forward to see you on campus on 2017.

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    I am Zhee Jing. You can also call me Zac. I'm currently a 2nd year student in my Bachelor of Actuarial Studies degree. I was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. Moving to Australia to further my studies was a whole new experience for me because I had to experience living away from my family. It was scary at first, but now I enjoy my time in Canberra. As the treasurer of ISD, I hope to work together with the team to deliver exciting events throughout the year that will enhance the university experience of all the students who are studying at the ANU.z

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    Kezia Kartika

    Hii! My name is Kezia but you can call me Kez! I am a second year Commerce student majoring in corporate sustainability and finance. I was born in Indonesia but I’ve lived in Singapore for 5 years. I enjoy playing ukulele (or rather, annoy my neighbors with my 5/10 voice and ukulele skill haha). Having been an international student for 7 years, I know that there are times when the going gets tough as we are far away from home. Thus, as a vice president of events this year, I’d like to create a platform for internationals to connect, get involved and experience first-hand the ANU life. I hope to make ANU your home…

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    Mina Kim

    Hi! My name is Mina Kim, and I'm your Vice President for Advocacy and Welfare. I was born in South Korea and I've lived in Australia for seven years. I studied in Gold Coast before coming to the ANU and this is my third year living in Canberra studying Law/PPE. My passion lies in writing short diary entries, breakfast menus with poached eggs and avocado, and playing violin during exam period (i.e. procrastinating). In my position in the executive team, I will focus on bringing back the primary aim of ISD to ensuring well-being of international students by identifying needs and providing effective personal and academic support accordingly

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    Hi my name is Manling Zhu, and you can also call me Sarah. I’m in my second year of my Bachelor of Law/ Bachelor of Commerce degree. I’m originally from China and I’m liaison VP of ISD 2017. ANU international Student’s Department is where international students turn to when they need help, want to mingle in or merely want to meet more people. In 2017, the liaison team will do our best to cooperate with national clubs and societies to make sure everyone of us can enjoy the life in ANU.