The ANU ASEAN Society was officially formed on March 2, 2012. It is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote multiculturalism and integrate Southeast Asian culture with the wider community. Despite the region’s close proximity to Australia, many Australians continue to be unaware of the region’s rich cultural diversity and often judge the region through political news. The ANU ASEAN Society aims to show the cultural and social side of Southeast Asia, in an attempt to enrich Southeast Asian cultural literacy and understanding at the ANU community.

We try to achieve our goals through holding events such as food festivals and public lectures. But by holding these events, we not only attempt to enrich Southeast Asian cultural and societal literacy, but we also try to promote social interaction and cooperation among participants.

To hold these events, we often cooperate with numerous other student societies, embassies, and the College of Asia and the Pacific. This is because we strive to create events that will give participants the exhilarating experiences of Southeast Asia. Visit our website for more information.